Stats Football


One of the small rays of light in the year of 2020 was the rise in popularity as well as legality of daily fantasy sports. Be it on sites like,,, or beyond – there is a whole new, exciting world of sports gaming that appeals to everybody from the mild office pool to the Goldman Sachs executive crunching numbers on his IBM Watson super-computer.

Everybody loves to win their DFS bets and nowhere is that more obvious than in daily fantasy sports football. In a recent Securities and Exchange Commission report before the initial public offering of DraftKings (ticker symbol DKNG) showed that NFL daily fantasy sports made up 70 percent of the players in the market. Where major league baseball made up about 30 percent. PGA Tour Golf, NASCAR, National Hockey League and the NBA made up between 18 and 20 percent of the play on the site before their 2020 IPO.

Knowing your stats in fantasy football is key as there is really only one way to win at DFS sports which is crafting lineups that have specific value. Simply put, you just can’t afford to pick A-list players for every spot in your roster. There just isn’t enough $$$ to go around. You have to find value somewhere and the key to finding value in DFS Fantasy Football is to crunch your numbers.


Some Crafty Tips To Help You Create a Top DFS Fantasy Football Lineup

  1. Look for younger players with a good pedigree who are playing well in the short term. DraftKings, FanDuel and others don’t always keep up with the new kids as they come up and you can ride their A-list performances for less than A-list money.
  2. Study the injury charts and act accordingly. That third string running back may have been mostly riding the pine this season and at a low-ball price but with the first string guy resting and the second string guy hurt – you may have just found an arbitrage opportunity that will allow you rack up the fantasy DFS points without spending a fortune.
  3. Don’t overlook the defense category as a sneaky way to gain some points without a big DFS spend. This is a low-cost and often tricky category but if researched correctly, there are small dollar points to be have that can guild the lily on a good Sunday DFS lineup. The matchups are everything. Study them like a pro.
  4. Try a total contrarian lineup. Crazy things happen in fantasy football. What if you bet a game that Vegas loves one way – the exact opposite way and put it in a GPP event? You might have the action that nobody else does and BOOM – you are a big winner.
  5. Look into “stacking” which is taking a slate of players from one team and using them as your base for a number of lineups. Keep your core solid and try some other variations around what you are pretty sure is going to happen. See the idea of contrarian lineups in conjunction with stacking and you might be in for some pending DFS success.
  6. Use parody to you advantage. In most NFL weeks, there are some obvious players who are priced with a super-premium. Is there a guy, one small notch below that saves you $1,000 in budget? That extra money when picking down the lineup can yield big returns if you manage your budget correctly.
  7. Speaking of budgets – don’t be lured in to play for the same amount of money every week. It is 100 percent OK to back off of a week when you don’t like the games or don’t have a feel for the outcomes. Other times, you may lay it on a little heavier if you are really feeling a certain matchup or slate of games. Be smart with your money management.
  8. Play the top players and steal their moves. In any given week, take a pen and paper and write down the user names of the handful of guys who were winning their GPPs and 50-50s. Study their lineups but also possibly engage them in a head-to-head matchup the next week. While they might be pros that can kick your ass – who cares if you learn their style and moves for a few bucks. You will make that back over and over again.
  9. Get the best information that you can from the pros. There are many sites out there that sell professional information and advice on DFS sports. While $99 per year or $49 per month might seem like a lot – it really is a small fee to pay to get premium, winning insights.
  10. Remember, you can’t always pick the perfect lineup. You will have hot streaks, cold streaks and runs where you are just mediocre. Keep track of your winning and losing and look at DFS in the big picture.
We hope these tips help you become a better Fantasy DFS Football player.